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Welcome to DADAS NGO

DADAS stands for Dr. Ambedkar Dalithavarga Abhivruddi Sangam. It is state level non-governmental organisation based in Cuddapah Town A.P. India. It is formed by various like minded individuals. development organisers and dedicated social workers. It acts as a coalition organisation, that faclititates a concerted effort among its target groups, members by building their response mechanism in tackling the complex issues in dealing with socio- economic, medical, welfare and rural development activities. "DADAS aims to make sensitised effective and positive contribution in minimizing the poverty, illiteracy, ill health. ignorance and inadequate basic necessities in the life of individual families, communities and society as a whole.
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Founder & President

Ravi Kumar Babu P.M

Mission Commitment

It is a Missionary Movement of Young Social Workers. The growing interest among the Educated and Dedicated Persons and their Enthusiastic involvement in the life and work of the movement have enabled the "DADAS to setup few programmes, projects with full-time staff working among 2 lakhs people in various parts of Cuddapah District, to Date, to transform the Society through their Voluntary Service.


DADAS aims to work with the poorest and the most socially disadvantaged people in its operational area to assist them in fighting the causes of poverty and bringing about a sustained improvement in the Economic, Literacy, Health, Environment and the Social Conditions of their lives.